Importance of Commercial Awareness – how to become commercially aware?






– Do you know that commercial awareness is a key requirement for a graduate job in any accounting or consulting role?

– Do you know that commercial awareness is a key area where you can differentiate and shine during the entire application process?

– Do you know that without solid commercial awareness, your chances of obtaining the offer are significantly reduced?

We partnered with to provide you with up-to-date commercial awareness guides that are relevant to the professional services industry and helps you adequately prepare for your interview. There are also commercial awareness guides tailored explicitly for Big 4.

Test your commercial awareness with the following 5 questions:

  1. What are your thoughts about splitting audit practices, recently ordered by FRC?
  2. Could you provide examples of three FTSE250 clients for each of Big 4?
  3. What are the consequences of COVID-19 on your targeted job industry (consulting / audit / tech …)?
  4. What are the top three implications/consequences of Brexit on your targeted job industry (consulting / audit / tech …)?
  5. What do you do to build your commercial awareness?

If you struggle with questions like this now, you will also struggle with them during your final interview.
Commercial awareness is not something that can be learned overnight. You should start now.


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Commercial Awareness Guide

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