November 3, 2018


Why does it say that your website is “Not Secure”?
We don’t use SSL certificate which enables secure payments. However, we don’t need one. The reason is simple. You are not making payment via our website, but through PayPal which is the most secure way so that your data is fully protected. We don’t have access to your payment information as you are making payment via PayPal. Just before the payment, you’ll be redirected from our website to PayPal.

When will I get my feedback as I got full-support service with materials?
Sometimes we provide you with feedback within 2-hours, but sometimes it can take us 20-hours. In any way, we’ll come back to you within 24 hours after you send us your document. We receive so many emails where candidates claim that they have a test deadline within several hours. Sorry, but we have clearly mentioned everywhere that it can take us up to 24-hours, so can’t guarantee that you’ll get your feedback in less than 24 hours.

How should I send you material for feedback?
Please send all materials in a Word document. Our email is

I have accidentally purchased the material. Can I get a refund?

We receive so many emails with this question. The answer is simple. If you haven’t downloaded materials then yes, we will provide you with a refund. In case that you have downloaded materials, the refund is not possible for obvious reasons.

I have got materials for Consulting role, but just realised I need them for Audit. Could you please send me the materials?

Sorry, but you’ll have to buy another package for the role that you want. It is not possible to change role after you have downloaded materials.

My video interview preparation went quite well. You have also checked my answers. However, I still got a rejection. How do you explain that?

You have to know that everything is not about the quality of your answers. Based on our experience here are all the reasons that we experienced so far (please note that these happen very rarely, but they do happen).

  • You may get a rejection if your English is not good. You have to speak clearly so that HR person can understand you. If you make a lot of grammar or pronunciation mistakes (or in case of written response spelling mistakes) you’ll be rejected. The problem here is that candidates who are making these mistakes are not self-aware and they don’t recognise their language deficiencies. That’s why we recommend to non-native speakers to get our support service.
  • You may get a rejection if you are not properly dressed (if you are recording your answers in pyjamas). You have to dress the same as you would in a real interview.
  • If you are reading your answers all the time (and you are not looking in the camera) or if your answers sound like prepared in advance you may get a rejection.
  • If you are using someone’s else answers (for example, of some other candidate who submitted them before you) you’ll get rejected.
  • If you need a visa sponsorship you may get a rejection even after you pass the final stage because each company has a limited number of visas (they cost them £2,000 – £3,000 per candidate). They’ll compare you with other candidates who also need a visa and only the best ones will sign a contract.
  • Sometimes you haven’t noticed that for your position the company doesn’t sponsor visas and that may also be the reason for rejection during the application process.
  • Each company has a marking checklist. However, not all HR people are marking the answers in the same way. When human-factor is involved there is always a chance for mistakes and you may be the unlucky one.
  • Lastly, if your quality of responses is good, but responses from other successful candidates are much better than yours you may get a rejection. That’s why we always suggest to use allocated time fully.

I didn’t get an identical test. Can I get a refund?

We are trying our best to help you to pass each stage of your application process. However, you have to be aware that companies can change tests or application process at any time, and that is something that we can’t perceive in advance. Also, we never describe any product as identical to real-test. Therefore, we are not responsible for your assumptions. Refund is possible only in the case that you don’t get what is described in our product description. If you want to know more details about materials please ask as on chat or email

Why are some materials ‘out of stock’?

Materials appear as ‘out of stock’ in case when we are still working on these materials or we are unable to provide full-support at that moment. As soon as they are ready, they’ll be available for download. We currently don’t have materials that are not listed on our website.




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