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If you want to make money then you can do so by sending us materials to info@graduatejobguide.co.uk.

We accept the following:

  • print-screens of numerical, verbal, reasoning, situational judgment tests;
  • print-screens of any other online assessments;
  • print-screens of online interviews;
  • list of interview questions/answers;
  • list of phone interview questions/answers;
  • details about assessment centres (please request a template on email);
  • partner interview presentations.


We do not accept online application forms (Step 1 of the application process). We also do not accept information that is already part of our material available online. 

We accept only materials relevant to 2018/2019 intake.

We refund you £30 per company for online test (including entire online test, not only one part).

We refund you £50 per company for video interview.

We refund you £50 per company for assessment centre details.


You often ask how should you know that you’ll get money from us. We believe in a fair business and we value integrity. If you don’t trust us, there is no need to cooperate with us. We have to assess the materials you send us to make sure that they are from this year, and that they are genuine. After that, you’ll receive your reward or if you want in return you can get the materials that you need from our website.

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