September 14, 2017


As anti-fraud measure, the email address that you provide on our website during checkout has to be the same as the email address of your PayPal account from which you’re making a payment. If your email addresses don’t match, we won’t be able to provide you product/service.

If you are using somebody’s else PayPal account (family & friends), you can provide a payment only by sending us money directly to PayPal (e-mail: but only using the option as ‘Paying to Friends & Family’ as in that way we can only manually verify your payment! 

Alternatively, you can make a payment via direct bank transfer.

Use code MOREFORLESS20 for 20% discount on £400+ orders.
Use code MOREFORLESS10 for 10% discount on £200+ orders.

Please note that we fully protect your privacy by not asking for any other details than your name, city and e-mail during Checkout. We need your name and e-mail in order to register you with us, and name of your city will help us to better support you in case that application process is different in your location.

Please note that email accounts on Hotmail domain have a technical glitch and we may not receive your emails. Similarly, our emails are in Junk/Spam folder so double-check. Do not apply to companies with Hotmail account as you may not get your application updates! If you expect an email from us and you didn’t get one, please change your email address and contact us from your other email account.

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